Michael McCanless

PhD student at UKy geography
platforms, real estate, blockchain

Louisville Foreclosurese

A map of foreclosures in Jefferson County, KY by census tract.

US Renewable Energy

A map of U.S. energy production. Click on individual sites for more information about the plant and type of energy produced.

Buying a Home In Denver

A map for a potential homebuyer in the Denver metropolitan area. Click in your area to see local amenities.

My Walk Home

My route home from work. Plus some favorites along the way.

About me

Hi, I'm Michael. I'm an economic geographer specializing in finance and consumer protections. I use web mapping tools to track investment and disinvestment in U.S. cities.

When I'm not banging my head against the computer, I'm chasing food trucks.


QGIS for data analysis, manipulation, and, format conversion
PostGIS/SQL for data querying
Web Mapping
Leaflet for raster tilesets, basic thematic mapping, and telling stories with maps

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